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Where to Spend Your Next Security Dollar

CSO Online (June 15) columnist Frederick Scholl praises the National Association of Corporate Directors' (NACD's) new Cyber-Risk Certificate Course, calling it "the best security management course I have seen." The program gives executives an overview of what their organizations need to be doing about security and risk management.  "A benefit of the program is creating a common language between business leaders and security leaders," Scholl writes.  Among the topics featured are best practices for the CISO's organization, incident response simulation, and understanding security policies. The course is about 20 hours and is taught by experts from Carnegie Mellon. Scholl concludes, "The prospective attendees should be members of your security steering committee." Scholl joined NACD earlier this year to gain insight in cyber issues at the enterprise level.  NACD developed the Cyber-Risk Oversight Program for board members and made it available to him.

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