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Towers Watson: Global Talent 2021- How the new geography of talent will transform human resource strategies.

Tectonic market shifts are transforming the global business landscape. Economic realignment, advances in technology, the globalization of markets, changing demographic trends, new customer needs and increased competition are radically altering how companies operate in virtually every industry and region of the world. Evidence of this new world order can be seen in the trade numbers. In 1990, the total of the world’s exports and imports accounted for only 30% of the world’s GDP—today, they make up more than half.


To help explore how market transformation will affect senior HR executives and the companies they serve, Oxford Economics undertook an extensive, two-pronged research program. We conducted a global survey of 352 HR professionals in the first quarter of 2012, to examine how rapid globalization and the transformation of the business environment will affect workforce needs in the future, and the implications of these shifts for senior business and HR executives. We also undertook an extensive modeling exercise of 46 countries and 21 industry sectors to understand where the shifts in the supply of talent will occur over the next decade. To supplement the results of our quantitative research, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews with HR executives across the globe and drew on the expertise of our HR steering committee. Our research reveals not only that tomorrow’s landscape for global talent will be dramatically different than that of today, but that some countries and industries will need to adapt more quickly to accommodate these rapid shifts. This report offers the highlights of our analysis.


Report produced in collaboration with Towers Watson, AIG, American Express, BAT, the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, Cummins, Coca-Cola, Edison International and the Organization of American States


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Global Talent 2021